Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I'm a little conflicted this time of year. We're about two weeks from the summer solstice and the older I get, the more I dread summer. Southwestern Idaho gets miserable between June and late August- and by miserable I mean anything above 80 degrees. The average temps where I live look like this: June 84, July 93, August 92. On the sunny side, I do like the card release calendar for May and June each year. Finest comes out today, followed by Series 2 next week and then, later this month, Stadium Club. And lest we forget May... there was Bunt (if that's your thing), Topps Pro Debut, and, more recently, Archives.

Speaking of Archives, I still haven't found any packs- but that's okay, the Mariners team set I had ordered off of eBay arrived yesterday.

One thing I'm not conflicted about is my love for 1992 Topps and, by extension, the cards in this year's Archives that bear its design. Some collectors hate on it and I can't understand why. I suppose one can complain about the blurred photos that are found on various cards, but that was pretty common among Topps' junk-wax era sets. Perhaps collectors didn't like the backs, which were a departure from the tradional backs, or the fact that Brien Taylor didn't pan out (but there was Manny, Cliff Floyd and Shawn Green!). Whatever the case, I still think it's a great set.

I was pretty excited to hear about the reported contract extension for Jean Segura. As of this morning, there hasn't been a confirmed agreement; but as of late last night, negotiations were going well and he and the team were close to a 5-year, $70 million deal. The way Segura's hitting this year is proving last year was no fluke. Now if he can only stay on the field (2 trips to the DL this season).

Coming in second place in this year's set is the 1960 design. Just as the '92s featured a former Mariner (Omar!), so, too, does the '60 clone, legend Edgar Martinez. And we can't forget about Drew Smyly, who has yet to appear in a game for the M's.

Finally, there were three current Mariners representing the 1982 set. I won't bother mentioning how disappointed I was (oops!) in Topps' decision to include this set once again. But if you're going to be guilty of overkill, might as well include Cano and Cruz. Neither photo, however, fits the zeitgeist of the original release. 

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  1. I agree with you on the 1992 design. It's my favorite in this year Archives set. It's even got me looking at buying a sealed box of 1992 off eBay...especially since lately I've been enjoying breaking old junk wax.