Friday, July 28, 2017

Maybe it's Time to Rethink Tradition

While many collectors spent their Thursday at the National, this collector was walking the aisles of Target. Yes, cards were on my mind, but the reason for this trip was out of necessity. My Epson printer/scanner was out of blank ink, rendering even the scanner useless. In the market for a new printer? Don't purchase an Epson. My trusty old HP never did that.

Okay, on to better things... 

Before checking out, I decided to hit the card aisle. I mean, what would a trip to Target be without checking out packs and blasters?

What do I spy, but 2017 Stadium Club! Finally.

I had made a couple of trips to Walmart recently, in search of the glorious product, only to walk away disappointed. And now that I find some, I have to decide whether I'll buy multiple packs or just a single pack. No matter how badly I want to purchase a handful of packs, I walk to the checkout counter with just a single, 5-card pack.

Two days earlier I checked my Facebook feed during lunch and decided to share a post from the Idaho Statesman regarding Donald Trump speaking at the Boy Scouts Jamboree. My response was simply, "they should have seen this coming. Why didn't they just break from tradition and not invite him to speak. Some traditions aren't worth the hassle."

I thought of my comment again last night as I opened this pack. Not concerning Donald Trump, mind you, but about set collecting. And it wasn't the only time I've thought about this in recent days.

There's been a sense of tradition for me in collecting Topps' flagship set. Sure, I took a break for a few years, but Topps has been my primary card mistress all these years- dating back to my childhood. But I have to ask at what point is enough enough? Design is important in judging a set, but so is photography- and flagship is starting to bore the hell out me. Every photo looks the same; and those that are interesting seem to be SSPs.

When Topps went borderless in 2016, I eventually accepted it and thought, "maybe it is time to break from tradition." Now my thinking is, "maybe it is time to break from tradition- and begin to collect Stadium Club as my annual set."


  1. I hear you. Stadium is where it's at, but I wish it was easier on the wallet.

  2. I enjoy building or buying two sets every year... Archives and Stadium Club. I buy a lot of Archives for the Fan Favorite autographs. I buy Stadium Club strictly for the photography.